I like the depiction of drag in some of our favourite childhood cartoons! who would have thought that bugs bunny dressed up as woman so many times in order to get what he wanted. Its funny that Fudd is attracted to bugs just because he has a blonde wig and large breasts. I like the analysis on gender roles and conforming to these norms. Children are greatly influenced by the media, and think that they have to follow these gender rules or else they will be criticized. Well done Jamie!

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The first show that I decided to look at is a very well know cartoon that came out in the early 1940’s called Looney Toons.  This show was directed at a younger audience, however, it contained many gender stereotypes that were instilled into the mind of children through the use of cartoons.  To a child, the naive and perhaps the untrained eye, Bugs Bunny may seem like a harmless, cuddly rabbit, however, with further inspection, one can see that this is definitely not the case.

Bugs Bunny has taken on many different roles over the years, often dressing in women’s clothing and adopting female traits in order to obtain something. Whether it be to distract Elmer Fudd with his womanly charm, or use his femininity to get something that he wants, Bugs is not a stranger to dressing up in female attire. This picture below demonstrates some of the different feminine looks of Bugs Bunny:


This picture provides a few different examples of when Bugs Bunny…

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