This is an excellent post describing The Underground Railroad, which I will be discussing in my next post. The maps used to demonstrate the underground passages / middle passage are also great to put into context the amount of railroads going from the South to the North. I also reblogged this post because of its reference to the Harriet Jacobs, whose narrative I will also be discussing. This account of Jacobs’ journey outlines the many residencies and hidings she had to undergo in order to free herself and her children. Jacobs was forced to keep moving and travelling toward the North in order to keep herself free of Dr. Flint and reduce the chances of being caught and killed. I like how this blog uses the idea of travel in Jacobs’ narrative to prove that travel was necessary for a slave’s survival.

A Traveler's Guide to American Literature

Once again folks I’d like to redirect your attention, this time to the South.  Currently taking place in the South is a radical change.  There is a secret passage that has been created linking the South to the North and it’s use is to help escaped slaves get to the Free States.  This secret passage exists in different forms–the most well-known being The Underground Railroad.  This railroad is not like the one you fine folks are travelling on, but a large network of people assisting escaped slaves to reach the Free States in the North.  The Underground Railroad was given its name due to the newly emerged steam railroad.  Since the railroad was new, it wouldn’t seem strange for people to be speaking in railroad terms which is one reason for deciding on the name the Underground Railroad.  For example, safe houses were known as “stations”, and run by people…

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