This blog post explains the end of slavery in the Southern States of America well! The reference to Lincoln and the civil war in this post further explains my post on the economics of slavery, and the war between the states.

Women as Chattel

For this last post, I plan on discussing the ‘ending’ of chattel slavery, and what can be done in today’s society in order to attempt to end the universal sex trade. I will first be discussing Lincolns role in the ‘end’ of chattel slavery.

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States of America. His goal was to emancipate all slaves from their masters and from the states that were rebelling against the Union. As we have learned through Harriet Jacobs slave narrative, it is clear that even the people who were enslaved knew that the North, meant freedom. When Jacobs arrived North she was technically free, her only fear was the master she ran away from. The people who were apart of this Union, were the slave owners, and they wanted to start their own country, because they were against what Lincoln was doing. this is…

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